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I am a retired Chef and love to bring hot dishes directly to the table for family style dining. I used to constantly look for something to put the hot dishes on...but now I just leave my artisan wood trivets on the table as they are pieces of art in themselves.
— Claire P.
It is a stunning piece which we treasure for its workmanship. I take great pride in displaying the piece and drawing attention to it when we have guests.
— Bill & Georgiann H.
Of Earth and Tree made me a very special piece that I have on display on our dining room table. The simple, natural appearance of the wood grain that shows after the fine polishing is amazing!
— Rich S.
The artisan wood piece Bernie crafted for us demonstrates a level of craftsmanship rarely seen these days. The wood is finished to such a level of smoothness that it almost feels like glass, and the grain is clear and bright. We love this piece and highly recommend Bernie’s skills to anyone.
— John S.


Care & Maintenance

Of Earth & Tree produces natural wood pieces, and they must be cared for. To preserve the life and vibrance of your one-of-a-kind piece, avoid drastic changes in heat and humidity.  Never submerge in water or put through the dishwasher.  To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the piece and dry immediately. If your piece has a natural finish, apply butchers oil or walnut oil regularly- this is not needed for pieces with our water-resistant finish. It is not recommended that these decorative pieces be used as cutting boards.



About Me


After 8 years touring the country as a full-time musician, I established myself as a remodeling contractor in 1986, where I started working with wood and stone.

Through the years, I've had the opportunity to work in many other related trades, becoming a licensed master electrician and a qualified plumber & heating contractor.  All of the trades that I've learned over the last 30 years have contributed to my ability to think outside the box when using unconventional techniques in cutting and finishing wood and stone.