About Of Earth & Tree

Bernie Fredette brings 35 years of experience and a love of woodworking and stone-crafting to bear in each of his one-of-a-kind home and table accessories. A craftsman and remodeler by trade, Bernie sought to find an outlet for his creative energies that would keep him closer to home as Jan, his wife, has experienced the onset of visual and mobility challenges. Bernie has set up a sawmill and workshop on his property to enable this close-to-home work environment. Each piece is crafted to reflect his love of nature and a deep respect for hand-tooled artistry.

Bernie hand-selects each piece of natural wood that is then transformed, through many levels of sanding and rubbing, into a piece of wooden art. The surface he produces feels like glass, bringing out all the beauty and the intricacies of the individual grain patterns of each wood species. All pieces are then finished with either food-grade walnut oil or with water-resistant polyurethane, and are all-natural and safe for daily use.  Many clients use these pieces as charcuterie serving boards.